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Instant EdgeSight for XenApp PDF Download

Instant EdgeSight for XenApp pdf download, Instant EdgeSight for XenApp pdf by Vaqar Hasan, Released on Year 2013, Instant EdgeSight for XenApp pdf book free download, Instant EdgeSight for XenApp digital edition in English, epub, Mac, Operating Systems

Instant EdgeSight for XenApp
Title :Instant EdgeSight for XenApp
Sub Title : Effective practical instructions to monitor your Citrix XenApp servers using EdgeSight 5.4
Category :Technology
Author(s) :Vaqar Hasan
Language :English
Tags :Mac, Operating Systems
Pages : 68
Year : 2013
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Free Download Instant EdgeSight for XenApp PDF Book Written by Vaqar Hasan


EdgeSight 5.4 is the most comprehensive performance management and reporting solution for the Citrix XenApp infrastructure. Administrators have real-time visibility of session-level performance and visibility of key metrics such as profile load time, login script execution, and so on. It also contains several tools to monitor the XenApp servers and can alert the administrator when the specified alert conditions are met. This book will help you to become proficient in monitoring and generating reports for your Citrix XenApp servers. You will start by setting up the environment for EdgeSight. The book will then go on to discuss the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of the EdgeSight server. Instant EdgeSight for XenApp contains clear and step-by-step exercises which will help you learn how to use EdgeSight quickly and painlessly. You will install EdgeSight and its agents and learn how to configure server settings, user groups and authentication, and alerts. You will also learn how to manage the real-time dashboard and reports, monitor Citrix license usage and reports, and troubleshoot common issues. This book starts with the basics of introducing the EdgeSight component into your infrastructure before moving on to more advanced topics such as troubleshooting. Readers will learn how to use the EdgeSight tools for day-to-day administration tasks as well as how to efficiently monitor the XenApp servers to achieve best performance for their end users.

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